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Longanoid Cream

Product Description :
Natural Therapy Innovation. Relieve Muscle and Joint. Inhibit Office Syndrome Relieve Rhuematoid Arthritis Best Research Award from ARDA: the Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization). LONGANOID Cream made from extract longan seed. There are research that approve for efficiency and security. Prevent and relieve Muscle's disintegrate condition, Collagen, Elastin and Cartilage Cells that is the reason to be Rhuematoid and Myositis. Longan Extracted Substance can prove that they can inhibit the disintegrate of cartilage as Hyarulonic Acid and Glycosaminoglycan. Also inhibit Protease Enzyme not to disintegrate cartilage and muscles when they work overload, so they will be extended their performance. With the ingredient from Herbal & Flower Essences more than 12 species and pure Vitamin E 99%, they will nourish skin, fresh fragrance, relaxation and mild for your skin. Without Steroids, approved from Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.
This is Longanoid Cream from Thailand : you can order here in U.S.A.

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